Danny Barrett Live in New York City release


David Allyn
This album is dedicated to Mr. David Allyn, “a singer’s singer”, who grew up in Hartford, Connecticut. David was 93 years old when he died November 21, 2012. His family name was Albert Delella.

Remembering all the great singers who gave time to help me. You will all remain in my heart. To all the musicians on this album… I thank you and can honestly say I love you guys… Special thank you, to my Daughter, Danette.

To Doctor Stephen Ross, without your help, ‘There would be no music!’

To Paul Mouradjian, who helped very much in finishing up my last work.

To my dear friend in Burkeville, Virginia, Tee Dooley, who’s been with me since 1982. There were many times he picked me up off the floor. Tee is truly a singer’s best friend, for it was Tee who personally introduced me to the man I dedicate this album to, David Allyn.

Danny Barrett This Will Be My Shining Hour


This will be My Shining Hour is the album that Danny Barrett almost never released. The intervention of ten years, though changed Barrett’s mind. After all, the album was the idea of his son, Brad Albetta, bassist, producer. This Will Be My Shining Hour was recorded in October 1998. It is an emotionally affecting album that was well engineered and that included some excellent back-up musicians.

Appropriately, Danny Barrett has dedicated This Will Be My Shining Hour to his parents, Nicholas Albetta and Florence Ellen Barrett, from whom he adapted his professional name.
– Bill Donaldson

Danny Barrett's Indian Summer Album


Hi Danny, Thanks for thinking of me in regard to your album. I really enjoyed your work, my wife Jeanie and I listen to it often, it sets quite a romantic mood. I love the songs you’ve chosen, ones I may have chosen myself to do. I’d like to compliment you on paying attention to many of the great singers of yesteryear, while listening to your CD, Johnny Hartman, Freddy Cole, Arthur Prysock, and especially Billy Eckstine come to mind, and your ability to chose the material you chose to sing and your personal expression of each song. I’m in hope you will be successful with this new album and looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. You have a natural expression for the story the lyrics are telling. Don’t give up your dream, for YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES. Best of luck!
Sincerely, JIMMY SCOTT

If you are at all musically inclined, you will be able to distinguish the voice of Danny Barrett, from a slew of singers out there. He is definitely an individual with a sound all his own. I found his album “Indian Summer”, to be peaceful and honest, which is rare in the singing world today. You can hear he has been influenced by the greats, while adding his own feeling of the lyric within the melodic line. His arrangements and musical personnel are great. Without a doubt, this album will bring Danny, well deserved recognition, long overdue.
“A Sure Thing” DAVID ALLYN


It's About Time back cover


You hold in your hand an increasingly rare commodity – the product of (you should pardon the expression) musicians! – wonderful songs and thoughtful arrangements, all centered around the special, unique voice of Danny Barrett. You may regard Danny as a throwback, if you will, to the days of Dick Haymes. I can assure you, however, that after you listen to this album for the first time, you will be playing it much more than “Once in Awhile”.
Jeffrey B. Williams
WNEW Radio – New York

There is a fringe of show business where a handful of performers – waiting for their cue to take center stage – grow impatient. One is Danny Barrett who represents musical integrity and whose literate approach to singing generates approving smiles from composers of quality material…and I say “It’s About Time.”
– Mike Rapchak, WGN Radio, Chicago